Friday, October 06, 2006

An invitation: Come visit Convivio!

My other blog, Convivio, is only rarely visited, although I believe it is better than this one in many respects. For one thing, since it is all about photographs, it is more pleasing to the eye. In addition, it showcases the work of others, and none of my own photos ever appear on that site. My own comments about the images tend to be very brief, unlike some of the lengthy and introspective musings I post here.

I set up Convivio about 18 months ago, not really knowing what I intended to do with it, and it was only around last Christmas that I decided to devote it to photography -- and more specifically, to images which, in my view, make up the cream of the Flickr crop. I believe now, as I did then, that something this wonderful simply cries out to be shared with others. Come see for yourself, and leave any comments you wish to make. And after you check it out, I hope you will come back again and again.


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