Monday, January 07, 2008

Argentine tango

Argentine tango 1
Originally uploaded by gwilmore
I took this picture at the request of Steve Phipps, the man seen here dancing with Angie. In addtion to taking the picture, I composed, cropped, and proportioned it as you see here, in order to make it suitable for an 8x10 print. My older sister Sheila, a professional photographer living in Virginia, saw it on Flickr and suggested that she might be able to do something with the lighting, which, as I explained to her, was very uneven and difficult to work with. She came up with this, which I used to replace my original image on Flickr, and which now will be the version I will frame and present to Steve. This was an important event in his life, and I wanted to give him something that would look REALLY good! With Sheila's help, I think I am going to succeed in doing just that.

Meanwhile, I know that I need to devote more time and attention to learning Photoshop. I don't think editing this image required a great deal of effort, but I didn't know how to do this, and it does make the image look a whole lot better.


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