Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Her mother loves this picture

Her mother loves this picture
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This is Lindsey Bianco, another of the dance instructors at the Fred Astaire Studio. She is intimately connected with the place in other ways as well. First, her mother, Lisa Bianco, owns the facility; and second, her dance partner here, Joshua Smith, is also an instructor at the studio, and he is Lindsey's fiance. They are scheduled to be married in Minnesota on September 22.

Lisa loved this image when she saw it on my camera's LCD screen, but I don't know if she has seen it since I posted it to Flickr. I hope she enjoys it as much now as she did when I showed it to her on the camera a few nights ago.

I'm adding this picture to my blog, partly because I like it, and partly because of a story involving Lindsey and me which might evoke a smile or two among my readers. I have danced with her many times, and it has always been a pleasure. But during one recent dance, when we were doing the foxtrot or the rhumba -- I don't recall which -- we got involved in a discussion about -- of all things -- the Battle of Leyte Gulf!


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