Saturday, February 09, 2008

Epiphany in a bowling alley

Epiphany in a bowling alley
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I took this picture last weekend in a local bowling alley and posted it to Flickr the next morning. It is accompanied by a very personal story that I hesitated to share with such a potentially wide audience -- after all, anyone in the world with Internet access is able to see this -- but the response it has elicited has made me very grateful that I chose to do so. Posting this image and reading the responses to it has been a sort of therapy for me. My religious faith, which had always been the pillar and mainstay of my life, has really taken a pounding over the past couple of years; but now, even though my questions and issues have not been fully resolved, I am confident that it is going to survive. And down the road, perhaps even thrive and prosper once again.


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