Friday, March 04, 2005

A couple of random thoughts

I am prone to coming up with totally useless ideas, and this one just sort of popped into my head yesterday while I was at work. I've shared it with about a half-dozen people already, but I think it may have gone over the heads of some of them. Perhaps it will be appreciated more in this forum. Anyway, herewith my latest burst of inspiration:

I feel very strongly that Ricky Martin needs to write and perform a song about Dante. It would be written in terza rima, of course, and the song would be titled -- what else? -- "Livin' La Vita Nuova." (I presume that Ricky Martin, of all people, would also figure out a way to dance to it.) Surely it would quickly rise to the top of the pop charts, and I, for one, would eagerly purchase the CD, and probably listen to it for hours, the way I do with Cecilia Bartoli. (I hope Erika sees this, as she herself has, quite literally, been living La Vita Nuova for the past several weeks. And, in the process, presumably living "La Vida Loca" as well!)

A co-worker recently loaned me a book titled A Thousand Days in Venice, written by Marlena de Blasi. The author, an American food critic, married a Venetian, and the book is an account of their life together in Venice, which ended when they decided to move to Tuscany. On page 142 I found this little gem. (The person who loaned me the book later told me that she had thought of me when she read this paragraph).

". . . Massimiliano sat with him one day and asked him if he'd prefer to marry a girl who liked boys who shoot pool or boys who read Dante. Fernando says he asked him why he couldn't marry a girl who liked boys who shoot pool and who also read Dante and the man told him it wasn't possible, so he said he'd prefer the girl who liked boys who read Dante, of course. Massimiliano looked at him and asked, 'Don't you think you'd better be getting ready for her?' Fernando says the man's words hit him like rocks, that he read Dante day in and day out, waiting for this girl to come along. He says how strange it is, sometimes, which conversation or event stays with us while so much else melts as fast as April snow. Yes, I tell him."


Blogger Crabcake said...

Hey Garry! Guess who?!?! I actually had a minute and thought I'd check out your blog...very cool! You'll have to educate me about how this whole blog thing works. - ACB

3:56 PM  
Blogger Garry Wilmore said...

Hello, Aaron, and welcome to the world of blogging. I hope you get this, because I just tried to post a comment on your Crabcake blog, but was unable to do so. I don't think you completed the process of setting it up, which you need to do before your site will accept comments or posts from anyone other than yourself. Meanwhile, if you want to see some good examples of blogging, check out Odd Bits and Classical Education, for both of which I have included permanent links in I miei cari amici. The main page of has a lot of useful information as well.

I hope we can start seeing some posts from you here sometime in the near future. I get occasional comments from a few people, but so far I am the only person who has actually made a post on this site, with the exception of one by Sylvia. My contributors include some high-caliber people who I am sure would have some very worthwhile things to say, if only they would get around to saying them. :-)

I do not recommend, however, that you use this medium as any kind of substitute for e-mail. Look at enough blogs and you'll understand what I mean. It's a great way to share well-thought-out ideas with large numbers of people, and to enable others to see articles or pictures that you find particularly interesting or appealing. General chit-chat is, in my view, more appropriate for e-mails -- one of which, incidentally, I will probably send to you in the next few days, if it appears by then that you have not read this.

12:11 PM  

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