Friday, March 18, 2005

"He is risen indeed!"

As we enter Palm Sunday weekend, 2005, Barney Madsen's latest post in Odd Bits is strongly recommended to everyone checking into this site. I thought of addressing the same topic in this blog, with a separate concurring view of my own; but after some additional thought and reflection, I decided against doing so. Instead, I am merely referring here to his post -- I hope in a way that will spark your interest -- and providing the necessary link so that you might read it yourselves. This is the story of an ordinary young woman, with one of the most ordinary names imaginable, who, in a moment of great crisis, somehow managed to rise to the occasion and accomplish something truly extraordinary. Between Barney's post, the linked Peggy Noonan column, and my accompanying comment -- plus any other comments added to it later -- all is said that really needs to be said. Read all of these pieces, then reflect and ponder. Prepare to have your heartstrings touched.

And then, rejoice!


Blogger Sylvia said...

Wow. Definitely food for thought and makes one proud of humanity - especially in this world where that isn't the case most of the time. Thanks for sharing that!!

6:37 PM  

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