Friday, April 15, 2005

"A Christ for Conservatives"

A hat-tip to The Anchoress for this interesting and thoughtful post, which I came across when I visited her blog this morning. I happen to like Rembrandt, even though I do not picture Christ looking like this. (The actor who portrayed him in "The Testaments" comes much closer to the reality, in my view at least.) But this is a fine painting nonetheless, and her commentary is well worth reading and pondering. Shortly after reading her post, I found this article in today's National Review, which obviously is the one she quotes from.

As an aside, I discovered The Anchoress only last Saturday, and immediately added a permanent link to her on this site. I learned about her blog through a link on the National Review webpage, and figured that if she was good enough to be quoted approvingly by the NR folks, she was good enough for me, too. So I highly recommend The Anchoress to one and all. (She and Rachel Robinson appear to be cut from the same piece of cloth.)

Be patient when you click on this link, by the way. The blog apparently is quite large, and it may take as long as 30 seconds for you to bring up the actual post.


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