Sunday, January 29, 2006

Romancing the sunset

Romancing the sunset
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I went sunset-hunting late this afternoon and took about 30 pictures, of which this one was clearly the cream of the crop. And judging from the reaction of the Flickr crowd, this may be the best photograph I have ever taken, at least thus far; in any event, it may well prove to be the most popular. Within 90 minutes after I posted it, this photo had received 50 views and had been "faved" five times, and it has received more of both since then. (I am posting it to my blog about 2-1/2 hours after it appeared on Flickr, and when I last checked, it had 66 views and 9 "faves.")

I remarked in the "comments" section that I have only one disappointment about this picture, and it is a very minor one. I wish the couple had embraced and kissed, with that sun disappearing over the mountains behind them. Then the image would have been absolutely perfect.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Anthem, as rendered by Robert Frost

I don't subscribe to Atlantic Monthly, but it is one of my favorite magazines, so perhaps I should. At Border's last night, I browsed through the January/February edition, which featured, on pages 94-95, an amusing article by Garrison Keillor, in which he speculates on how our national anthem would have been written had famous poets, rather than Francis Scott Key, undertaken the task. My favorite version was Robert Frost's, which, according to Mr. Keillor, would read thus:

Whose flag this is I think I know
His house is being bombed now though
He will not see that I have come
To watch the twilight's ebbing glow.

My little horse must think it dumb,
The cannons' pandemonium,
The rockets bursting in the air,
The sound of bugle, fife, and drum.

He turns and shakes his derriere
To show me that he doesn't care
Who takes this battle flag or why,
When in the redness of the glare

I see the banner flying high
Through the tumult in the sky
And, knowing all is now okay,
We walk away, my horse and I.

The flag is lovely, hip hooray,
But I have things to do today,
Some here and others far away,
Before I stop to hit the hay.

Kudos to Mr. Keillor for this clever and amusing bit of verse.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

My newest gizmo

My newest gizmo
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I purchased this watch last night at Target. Click the photo and read the accompanying story, which might amuse and entertain you.