Thursday, March 30, 2006

JFK and chiasmus

Earlier today, I was looking for some humorous quips and quotes by President John F. Kennedy when I came across this. I will explore the site in more depth when I have the time, but this page provided me with some interesting and entertaining reading material; so I marked it as a favorite site, then forwarded the link to my young Iranian friend, who loves the English language and appreciates a good turn of phrase as much as I do. (I also did that because, more than 40 years after his assassination, President Kennedy continues to exert a unique sort of appeal to young people, both here and abroad.) Students of the Book of Mormon, particularly those with an intellectual bent, are familiar with chiasmus, with which the sacred volume abounds; but as this website proves, the technique is familiar to many of the world's greatest authors and statesmen as well, although their version of it is not nearly as elaborate or sophisticated as that used by the Nephite prophets.

Enjoy! I will shortly be providing a permanent link to this site on the blog.


Blogger Julie D. said...

What an interesting looking site ... can't wait for a chance to delve further. Thanks! :-)

1:25 PM  

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