Saturday, August 22, 2009

New permanent link

A few days ago I joined a Flickr group called I immediately noticed a spike in the number of views I was getting for some of my ballroom-dance photos, which I had posted to the group as soon as I joined it. As it turns out, images posted to the group are apparently also automatically posted to a blog called -- simply and appropriately enough -- Dancer Blog. I have no objections to this, as the arrangement complies with Flickr's Terms of Use, and all of the images are linked back to my Flickr page. Besides, I know this will generate some attention from people who will appreciate my work, since the well-organized and attractive blog appears to have a large and loyal following.

I have added a permanent link to Dancer Blog to my own site, and will probably be visiting it frequently. Meanwhile, stay tuned. Two weeks ago I attended a Fred Astaire showcase at the Mesa Arts Center, from which I returned home with 292 new images, including one in particular which has a nice story behind it. I will be sharing that story here, perhaps as soon as tomorrow.


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