Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Learning about other faiths

Last night, at our Enrichment meeting (our Church's meeting for the women of our faith), we hosted an event about getting to know others' faith in our area. There was a woman of the Muslim faith and a woman of the Jewish faith there to share with us. It was an incredibly interesting evening - I learned alot about their beliefs and their culture surrounding their religion. There was time alotted to each for explanation, and then a question and answer session and it was a really good experience. There was also time during the refreshments where we could ask more questions and see the displays they had each brought. The Jewish woman brought a Torah scroll (hope I spelled that right). As I said, both women were very informative and it was nice to help each other feel that their own belief is acceptable (which it IS!) and we could learn to understand one another thru this kind of venue. The title of the whole evening was "We are all children of God" and I felt it was a wonderful success. I was glad to be able to have the opportunity to learn from them and develop a greater feeling of unity in the surrounding community. Perhaps others will think this idea is worth pursuing in their own community. Enjoy the day. Sylvia


Blogger Garry Wilmore said...

Sounds like that was time well-spent for one and all. I'm LDS and do not apologize for what I believe, but at the same time I respect the right of others to believe differently, and have discovered that I can learn a great deal from them as well. For this reason, the permanent links on this blog include The Anchoress, who is a devout Catholic, and several blogs set up by Rachel Robinson, an evangelical Christian. Another link is to Christianity Today, which is always worth checking out. I expect to be adding a couple of Jewish sites in the near future as well, and am thinking of including "L'osservatore Romano," the Vatican newspaper.

And yes, you did spell "Torah" correctly. :-)

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