Thursday, May 26, 2005

A few of our Italy pictures

Duomo e campanile di Giotto
Originally uploaded by gwilmore.
With the help of my friend John Power, who is the high priests group leader in my ward, I spent a couple of hours last evening uploading some of our Italy pictures -- 17, to be exact -- to Flickr. We took about 250 pictures during the trip, of which perhaps 50 either did not turn out the way we wanted, or were essentially duplicates. From the remaining 200 or so, I selected a few of my personal favorites to display on Flickr, so anyone who wishes can now have a look at them. I hope you find them interesting and enjoyable. Most are accompanied by comments, which I will be revising during the next few days; so if you check these out today or tomorrow, you may want to do so again later.

This particular shot, which includes the Duomo and Giotto's Campanile, was taken by me, and I was quite pleased by the way it turned out.


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