Saturday, June 11, 2005

Christ and the Samaritan woman

Several years ago, in the Ensign, I saw a wonderful picture of Christ with the woman of Samaria, based on the story found in chapter 4 of John's Gospel. I have never been able to track down an online version of that painting, but this one comes close to being as good:

In the course of today's online wanderings, I found this image as well:

I share these with you today for no particular reason, other than the fact that I often reflect on this story, as well as on Dante's allusion to it:

"La sete natural che mai non sazia
se non con l'acqua onde la femminetta
samaritana domando' la grazia
mi travagliava . . . "

("The natural thirst that never can be quenched
except with that water the woman of Samaria
begged to be given as a special grace
tormented me . . .")

-- Purgatorio XXI:1-4


Blogger JMichaelPaul said...

The Samaritan woman asked for "living" water. May the Holy Spirit who is that living water completely fulfill the promise made in the book of Joel.

"And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on ALL people." Joel 2:28

7:01 PM  
Blogger Sylvia said...

Once I decided to look up the word Island (and all variations of it) in the scriptures - it was interesting to note that God never forgets those even upon the isles of the sea. He remembers each of us, wherever we are.

12:40 PM  

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