Saturday, June 04, 2005

We still miss him

Tomorrow marks the first anniversary of the passing of former President Ronald Reagan. To mark the occasion, I have uploaded the mass e-mails I sent to friends and relatives at the time, which included my reflections on the man, his legacy, and his impact in my own life. I knew nothing about blogging at the time, of course; otherwise, my musings would have been posted here to begin with.

As in the case of my Italy e-mails (which appear in the February archives), these have been slightly edited, and one of them includes some information I added today, which appears in brackets. They appear in reverse chronological order, based on the date and time of day they were originally sent. In other words, the first one I composed and sent appears further down the page, the later ones closer to the top. Two of these were sent on the same day.

I hesitated at the time to mention the fact that I wore my Sunday best while watching Reagan's funeral, as I was afraid it would be looked upon as an eccentric gesture; but apparently it had a very different effect, and a number of people told me later that they found it to be rather touching. In fact, one friend even informed me that he told the story in a talk on the subject of reverence, which he had given in his ward's sacrament meeting.

Barney Madsen suggested some time ago that I post these on my site, and I decided to wait until the anniversary before doing so. I hope they are enjoyed by one and all, and that they do justice to the man they were intended to honor.


Blogger JMichaelPaul said...

The 40th President knew his purpose and he fulfilled it -
breaking the back of ruthless empire which poisoned our souls for more than 7 decades.

7:07 PM  

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