Sunday, April 02, 2006

Conference sunset

Conference sunset
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For those who have read my previous post, you will want to know that I was able to participate in the Madsens' post-Conference gathering in real time after all. For much of it, I sat in our backyard patio, next to our swimming pool, watching the sun go down as I listened to the discussion over the phone, adding comments of my own from time to time. Being the sunset lover that I am, I couldn't resist capturing an image or two, which enabled me, in effect, to enjoy two spiritual experiences at the same time. I remained on the line through the very end of the gathering, after the group had sung "Love At Home," and Truman Madsen offered the benediction.

This photo is affectionately dedicated to Barney and Cindy and their extended family, who have effectively made me a part of it as well. Click on the image and read the descripton which follows.


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