Thursday, July 28, 2005

Fun camping trip!

Since it's in a "draft" mode, I can't comment on it, but would like to thank you, Barney, for putting it up for us to see. I really enjoy mountains and hiking, but don't have much of the latter here in Ohio, and can't hike very well anymore, so I enjoy those times I can hear about fun adventures like that! Thanks for sharing!



Blogger Barney said...

Thanks, Sylvia. I think it's out of "draft" mode now.

I used to enjoy camping, went out all the time as a kid. But have been camping only a couple of times a year the past few years. Amazing how "unused" to being dirty we are. A hot shower every day. (There were hot showers at the camp -- spartan cabins, but flush toilets and hot showers). We had a blast!

6:17 PM  

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