Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Capturing a beautiful moment

Sunset 2
Originally uploaded by gwilmore.
I took this picture last evening, and within an hour or so uploaded it to Flickr. It was accompanied by another, nearly identical, image taken at the same time and place; but this one is definitely the better of the two, and it is getting rave reviews from the Flickr crowd -- as well as from one of my co-workers, who has adopted it as the screensaver on his computer. I'm putting it here for all to see, as well as to give everyone some idea of why my blogging activity has decreased a bit lately. :-)

Incidentally, if anyone else is interested in using this image as a screensaver or making a print from it, just ask, and I can e-mail the large version of it to you. All I ask is that you respect the fact that this picture is copyrighted, and not use it for any purpose I don't expressly permit. Within those guidelines, permission will be freely granted if it is sought. Don't try downloading the image directly from Flickr, however. This is the "small" version -- i.e., 640x480 pixels, the size to which I customarily reduce my pictures before putting them on Flickr. That size is ideal for the Web, of course, but it doesn't work for prints, and my co-worker was unable to fill his entire screen with the image before it began to pixelate noticeably. (He fills part of the screen with it, and it works just fine for that.) The "large" version is 3MP in size, and could be used as a screensaver, or to make a very good 5x7 print -- which, incidentally, I think I am going to do at some point. I've really gotten into photography during the past few months, and I believe this may be the best picture I have ever taken, at least up to now.

Anyone wishing to upload the picture to a blog may do so by clicking on it, and then clicking the "Blog this" button that appears atop the Flickr page containing the image. Then just follow the steps. It should then appear in your blog, along with the attribution to me. Enjoy!


Blogger Sylvia said...

That's really pretty! Looks so much like a painting!

I have one of my tree out front - it's turned beautiful colors - not sure if I captured it well enough. Perhaps tomorrow I'll finally get the photo CD and the computer together!

Have a super day!

6:31 PM  

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