Friday, August 26, 2005

Let your eyes and spirit rejoice!

I have today added a new permanent link on this site, namely, a blog called Flickrsoup for the Soul, which I discovered only this morning. The blogger who created this site has culled what in her view are the best and most uplifting photos on Flickr, and then posted them on the blog. Based on what I admit was a rather cursory examination, I believe she has chosen very well, and this may be something worth a daily perusal by all of us. Just as an example, her latest posting, as of this morning, is this, which is the work of none other than the lovely Agnieszka, who has appeared here before, and who is in fact a member of I miei cari amici. (She doesn't post very often, but that's all right, because she is so busy putting beautiful photographs on Flickr that I don't think she has much time for activities of lesser importance.)

If you click the Flickr link under the picture, you can read the comments made about it, one of which was by yours truly. If you don't feel inclined to explore the picture to that degree, I simply asked Agnieszka if I could have the next dance with her.

My thanks to Fatima for creating the blog, and for doing such a fine job of selecting the cream of the crop from a site that has my vote for being the best thing on the Web. But since Flickr has about 1 million members and contains over 17 million photos, I suppose we need someone to provide us a sort of Reader's Digest version of it, as it were, and Fatima appears to have done a great job with that.


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