Saturday, July 30, 2005

Sunset during duststorm

Sunset during duststorm
Originally uploaded by gwilmore.
I took this picture about a week ago. It isn't the world's greatest sunset photo, but I thought it was good enough to share with everyone, so here it is.

I hope to post more and better pictures soon. A couple of nights ago I had to run some errands, and as I was driving home, I noticed off to the west one of the prettiest sunsets I have ever seen. (A co-worker noticed it, too, and commented about it the following day.) I drove home as quickly as I could to retrieve my camera, so distracted all the while by the sunset itself that I was afraid of having an accident. I then drove about a mile to what I thought would be a good vantage point, but unfortunately, it turned out not to be particularly good after all; but more importantly, by that time the sunset had pretty much faded away, and with it my opportunity for a wonderful photo. Better luck next time, I hope. Fortunately, I live in a state known for spectacular scenery and beautiful sunsets, so I hope another chance presents itself soon.


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