Saturday, November 26, 2005

Saguaro in sihlouette

Saguaro in sihlouette
Originally uploaded by gwilmore.
This may end up being my biggest hit with the Flickr crowd, at least thus far. I took this photo late Thursday afternoon and posted it just before noon yesterday. Only 21 hours later, as I post it on my blog, it has been viewed 174 times, and received a couple dozen comments. This is very exciting to me, of course, because it means that in time, I may actually get really good at this photography stuff!

As an aside having nothing to do with this picture, while digesting Thanksgiving dinner Thursday afternoon, we watched a movie which I would highly recommend to one and all. It was "Oscar," a screwball comedy of the same species and genre as "What's Up, Doc?" In it, Sylvester Stallone plays the role of a Chicago gangster trying to fulfill his father's dying wish that he renounce his life of crime and "go straight," but of course the Stallone character finds that a little easier said than done. This movie features many of the things I most enjoy: good, clean, knee-slapping humor; Italians; the 1930s; and a soundtrack drawn from Rossini's The Barber of Seville, which fit like a plug. I think Santa will be bringing us the DVD edition of it this year, and I urge one and all to watch it, for your family night or any other suitable occasion.

Incidentally, we spent Turkey Day at the home of Sheila's cousin Ann and her family in Goodyear, Arizona, about 50 miles from Chandler. As the movie neared its conclusion, I kept looking outside, a bit nervously, as the setting sun approached the horizon. I wanted to make sure I got some good sunset pictures before it was too late; but as I now know, I need not have worried, for I was able to see all of the movie and hit the sunset jackpot with this photo.


Blogger Sylvia said...

This is such an awesome photo! Saw it on Flickr and am so impressed with the colors - I don't have a Flickr account (I'm just an admirer of it) - but am really impressed with all the photos! :)

11:51 AM  

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