Saturday, November 12, 2005

They survived Omaha Beach

They survived Omaha Beach
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I spent Veterans Day 2005 pretty much the way I should have, and this picture and its accompanying description will attest to that. Today I will be returning to Falcon Field in Mesa, this time accompanied by Vanessa and a friend of hers who is here for a sleepover, and at least two of these men should be there again today as well. The girls, who know little about history, will have a lesson in it today; and last night I prepped them for it by explaining -- or trying to, at least -- what the Normandy invasion was all about. But a real, live flesh-and-blood hero who was actually there can surely do a better job of this than I can.

I love photography, blogging, and history, and what better way to bring all three of them together than something like this? I nearly became a history teacher when I was younger, and I suppose I will always be one at heart. I also believe we have a duty to share our talents, and perhaps in my case that includes an obligation to help, in whatever way I can, to preserve the past and teach it to others.

Which, of course, is a big part of the reason I look forward to visiting Falcon Field again today, this time with two 11-year-old girls in tow. And my Nikon D50 will be put to good use once again as well.


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