Saturday, December 10, 2005

Breathing life into Convivio

I have another blog, named Convivio, which I set up earlier this year. It has been moribund for several months because I was unable to decide exactly what I wanted to do with it; but beginning today, it will become much a much more lively site, and I hope those who visit this blog will also enjoy Convivio as well. I have decided to use it primarily for posting some of my favorite pictures by other photographers in the Flickr crowd. (Photos taken by me will continue to appear on this site; Convivio, on the other hand, will celebrate the work of others.) This decision was prompted by an image I found about three days ago, and which today has become the first to appear on Convivio.

Read the post in the other blog that explains what will be done with the new and improved Convivio. I have "faved" more than 700 pictures thus far during my excursions through Flickrdom, but only the best of these will appear in that blog. That being said, you may expect to see several new postings each week.

So -- enjoy! (I have added a permanent link to Convivio on this blog.)


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